Books to read in self-isolation time

Books to read in quarantine

I feel privileged to be able to stay at home and only worry about not having enough time for reading. Well, that is not exactly true and I do worry a lot actually but I also know and I am aware that me sitting and thinking won’t help me or anyone else for that matter so I’ve implemented some strategies into actions and I also created this list of books to read during Covid-19 time.

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Why I love libraries

Image by Pexels from Pixabay
I’ve been meaning to write about my local library ever since I started this blog but there are so many books I’d been reading and not reviewing that writing about anything else than book’s reviews was beyond my capacity. But I always state that I do not buy many books at least not physical ones due to my minimalist lifestyle and nomad principles but that doesn’t stop me from reading also physical books a lot. Since I don’t have many people around me who read books and can lend me some, the only place I can get books is a library but I don’t complain.

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