Skilsmisseboken – En overlevelsesguide by Sanna Sarromaa

Skilsmisseboken – En overlevelsesguide by Sanna Sarromaa

Sanna Sarromaa @superfeministen is a Finnish writer and famous feminist living in Norway. She writes weekly columns which are my favourite as she has a talent and skills to comment reality from the perspective of I wouldn’t say foreigner although she quite often compares Norwegian society to her native’s one but a person who questions this so-called happy reality here in Norway. She challenges and laughs but most of all she has guts to write about things which are not comfortable for Norwegians to see and to talk about. And I appreciate that and I love to read them.

Skilsmisseboken - en overlevelsesguide means The Divorce Book - A Survival Guide, is a nonfiction book about divorce written based on her own awful experience together with 40 participants she interviewed in order to have a full picture of a divorcee. Getting divorced in Norway is relatively easy without making anyone guilty and in general, the childcare is shared between parents 50/50. In fact, everything is shared and divided, including family pets. But being divorced when you haven’t wanted to be and being presented as a fait accompli without prior knowledge of how to handle it is a battle full of hate, pain and sorrow.

Sanna writes about her own experience how one ordinary day her husband announced her that he wants to divorce her. She describes panic of having her kids taken away as a first and most important feeling, later comes broken heart, stagnation and fight with an ex. In between there are a million legal, economic and practical things to sort it out, hence this book is called a guide. We all know that there is nothing like a good preparation to get a divorce even though there was a woman in her book, who thought that she did prepare herself well to get a divorce. We all are different and every circumstance are individual but practical things are all the same and at the end of the day, there is only one who needs to change a bulb or bring wood for a fireplace. Therefore Skilsmisseboken is a great support for those who are in the process of divorce, this book can guide those who need it and give hope, that even after nasty divorce there are lots of things to discover. Actually, there is a whole new life after it.

You may ask why I’ve read a book about divorce but Sanna’s expertise, full of examples book is also a warning to don’t be a fool, as there is never easy way. But if one is already in this situation there are step by step hints of how to go through this painful process. So a guide or as a warning to think twice before getting divorce ad hoc, this skilfully and competent book is a must-read in 2019.

Skilsmisseboken - en overlevelsesguide

Reviewer: Monika Barrera
Review rating: 5/5
Date published: September 2019
Publisher: Res Publica
Language: Norwegian (bokmål)
Genre: Nonfiction
ISBN 9788282260930