The Dutch House by Ann Patchett // book review

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett
You know this feeling when from the very first page you feel like this is going to be a book you’ll
love it. Actually just by looking at the amazing cover which I think is perfect, I was totally

The Dutch House is a story about siblings Danny and Maeve, who can’t overcome their past.
They live in a mansion called The Dutch House, because of its previous inhabitants who died
and left their things in the house.

Their mother leaves them when Danny is four and they grow up being cared for by maids. The
father struggles with showing any affections to his kids therefor as long as Danny can remember,
he relies completely on his big sister Meave. They stick together even more after their
prosperous father married again. Andrea they stepmother as usual wicked stepmothers seems to
hate them yet tolerates as long as she has to. But after some misfortunes happened in their
teenage years, Danny and Meave are unceremoniously ousted from their family home and they
must fend for themselves.

The story is told by Danny who treated Meave as long as his memory stands as his mum and
soon trusts her completely and relies heavily on his sister. The narration flows in time which
personally I liked as I wasn’t so tense reading it and thinking what more will happen. Still, the
events weren’t predictable quite contrary. The things were happening constantly in the lives of
Meave and Danny, they were growing up, doing lots of things, there are surprises, unexpected
opportunities and also letting go of hatred and revenge when there’s no point in them anymore.
The Dutch House was definitely more than a house they growned up in and one day finally they
realised that they need to let go of the past.

The Dutch House is full of love, family drama, battling with childhood memories and there is also
a special place for forgiveness. Everything is this novel is perfect. Even the Mother, well she is
far from ideal but she is supreme yet I find difficult to forgive her and I completely stay on
Danny’s side.

I love Danny and Meave, their siblings love and I like Meave’s revenge on Andrea. I love this
book from the masterful beginning until the perfect ending and everything in between. It is a truly
enjoyable page-turner I could easily bask in. I hope you will find joy in reading it too, I highly
recommend you The Dutch House - a tale of a lost childhood and Ann Patchett captures families
like no one else!

Reviewer: Monika Barrera
Review rating: 5/5
Date published: 24th September 2019
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
ISBN 9780062963673