What’s the future of this blog?

Picture by pixabay

I’ve been thinking about my blog for a while and I’ve come to the conclusion that this space does not reflect exactly who am I and what I am been thinking about. Not that it might matter to you, but it does for me. Writing book reviews is fun and I like sharing and discussing with others, but that kind of discussion happens nowadays mainly on Instagram.

You can find me on Instagram too What book to read next and definitely you can find many more books I’ve been reading on Instagram which I am not able to write reviews here. It seems that Instagram’s little square space fits many and has become very handy and addictive over the years. Sometimes it suits me too except that it doesn’t. There is lots of comparison struggles on Instagram which doesn’t bother me much but there is also the pesky algorithm many complain about but the most for me is that feeling that I am not the one who owns my space. The little squares some days are visible, some days attract people only because of a pretty picture which in my case is not a priority. I need something deeper and some thoughts required extensive explanations plus let’s face it, even though I am an avid reader and books are my biggest passion, there are other things I am hooked on.

You know that feeling when you found a new song, you have been listening to it and instantly you want to share it with a friend who you hope will be listening to it over and over again? I have that feeling very often. I may not expect from my friends to listen to the songs I like but I have a strong desire to tell you what has been on my mind. You might ask who am I and why would anyone be bothered? Well, I am no one, really and don’t mind me.

But this is my space which may come as an extension of my thoughts about the country I live in, my reflections over the society, my observations and my musing over the savage future of human kinds. So welcome in my word of books and musing about the world.