The PLANET PROJECT - The Earth Day 2020

The Planet Project, picture by Monika Barrera
When Alex asked me to join The Planet Project I felt honor and I was more than happy to join this international project celebrating 50 years since the first EARTH DAY was announced. The Earth Day 2020 is on the 22th April and you are more than welcome to join this vital action too.

Aiming to recreate the emotion of the 1989 Baltic chain, when people across the Baltic states joined hands forming a peaceful demonstration of solidarity, the PLANET PROJECT is such a demonstration taking place online.
Through my daily life, my choices and my admiration to the world I live in I try and I do my best to be grateful, appreciate and see the beauty of life. I stopped eating meat when I was just 16 years old (and it was a quite long time ago) and in my country, not many people heard about vegetarianism not to mention any soy milk or meat-free hamburgers. I have tried to live slower and mindful life long before I knew how to name it and my small rented flats since students’ life were full of plants and simple food.
I keep doing this because, first of all, this makes me happy but also, I know that I don’t need much more. In recent years I continue to make these conscious choices because I am aware, like many of us, that our planet needs care and respect. If I can, I want to minimalise my impact towards making Earth more polluted and damaged.

When Alex submitted her messaged about The Planet Earth, we were living in totally different realities than we do now. Lots of things have changed since then and we are living in the lockdown and many of us just now have a chance to realise what we were taking before for granted. Being able to go for a walk, go to a forest or have a forest within walking distance, staying home and trying to enjoying it by finding new hobbies, exercising more, embracing technology even more while reading and watching that our Planet has begun to breathe, animals coming back to cities, waters in Venice channels clearing out, birds nesting without risk of trampling by trespassers or tourists but the most joyful news for me, was seeing on webcams and reading about ducks enjoying The Trevi Fountain, that same Fontaine which 12 years ago I couldn’t take a picture without people around me - sure this place like many other popular turist destination are getting only more crowded. Quarantine is a very difficult time for many of us and we tend to repeat that the world has stopped.
Luckily the World hasn’t stopped, quite opposite! It is we - people came to a halt and because of that we have a chance to see the world around us. The Earth carries on better than before. As devastating as this pandemic is, humans’ race has now an incredible chance to reflect, observe and make changes for the future. We don’t need to buy millions of things to makes us happy, we don’t need to travel to relaxed but what we need is our beautiful planet and our close ones who we can hug :) We can stay more conscious and make more often virtual journeys through media or simple by reading about them. Let’s keep it this way. I hope that we will learn from this situation, we will inspire each other and think about our planet as a real home. Like we are staying home to be safe, now it is time to go out and look after the only home we all have - the Planet Earth.

For this year The Planet Project 2020 I do really want us to grab this opportunity of focusing what is the matter in our lives and make it harder to work for us. Embrace this time now and continue for a brighter future. Let’s be serious about the only home we have - our Planet - to be a safe place to live not only for us but for the Planet too.

The Planet Project 2020
The Planet Project picture by Lisa

This Earth Day, I’m virtually holding hands with a range of artists across countries and cultural backgrounds, to celebrate 50 years since Earth Day. Go and check bloggers and artist around the world making their contribution under hashtag #2020planetproject.