My Story

Hi, my name is Monika and I am an avid reader, constant dreamer and new technology lover. I studied Literature and Culture and I am fascinated by the power of books, how they can change people's life sometimes literary, they can give them perspective and also help in order to survive everyday reality.
I created this blog as I have a strong need to share and to discuss books I am reading. Personally I think that there is nothing better than reading and being able to talking about it. I left my country 15 years ago and living abroad although it is the greatest things one can do to get broad perspective and enriched life with wide experience I also came across that it is sometimes difficult to meet your beasts. Someone with whom I can talk about books, especially when you live abroad.
I live in Norway now and although Norwegians are very fluent to speak English from my observations, they are not so happy to read books in English and it is a shame, as many, many books are not translated to Norwegian at all. And I wish I could recommend them to my Norwegian colleagues and I do so, hoping that some publishing houses would see interest in them and publish them in Norwegian.
Luckily there is no border for me and I can enjoy reading books in three languages (getting better and better in reading in Norwegian) which gives me wider perspective and of course open more possibilities.
I call myself global citizen as I believe that country where I was born should not label me for all my life. I am happy to live in Norway (it is my third country I live in) but it might come the time for me to move to yet more beautiful country :) I come from a multilingual family and my children speak at home four languages. We read books together in English, Norwegian, Polish and Spanish.

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